Let's face it. Winter in New England does not just entail a few, scenic snow flurries here and there. In fact, the snow that has pummeled Buffalo, NY for the past few days (now amounting to more than eight feet) may set several historic records. Thanks to this snowfall, some may be reconsidering living in states with harsh winters and frigid cold temperatures -- and real estate companies reaffirm that relocating isn't such a bad idea after all.

Americans who still hesitate are most reluctant to give up the changing of the seasons, but -- with the right location and a few adjustments -- most people won't miss it at all. Palm Springs, California, for example, is one of the best places to settle for the best of both worlds. Why is Palm Springs one of the best places to celebrate the holidays -- whether you are talking to a Palm Springs Realtor or just passing through?

Enjoy Mild Weather, And Drive Up To The Mountains To See The Snow, If You Want To
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too? Nearly all locations and homes for sale in Palm Springs boast mild winter temperatures (think 60s and 70s) and snow-free roads and walkways. But people who are just itching for a glimpse of powdery white snow for their "White Christmas" won't be disappointed, either. How is this possible? The mountains -- with various ski lodges and resorts -- are located just a short drive away. There are also ice skating rinks open to the public during winter.

Don't Miss The Spectacular Christmas Lights
For some, one of the best parts of the season are the many twinkling Christmas lights -- and Americans eyeing homes for sale and/or working with real estate agents in Palm Springs won't miss out on them, either. Annual WildLights Holiday Festivals feature more than 750,000 lights, with a different theme each year.

People all over the U.S. are living in 115 million houses and apartments, and -- last year -- Americans and the 2 million licensed Realtors successfully sold over 5 million. If you want a summer home -- or a permanent home in a milder and sunnier climate -- Palm Springs is one of the best places to take the leap.